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Amanda Starstream & Jonas Johnsson


13 years ago Amandas life took a big turn around when she started exploring spirituality through OSHO teachings at Baravara in the north of Sweden.

Directly after that she devoted herself to the path and continued study Yoga and Tantra in India, Shamanism in Peru and Taoism through Mantak Chia’s teachings and students.

For the last few years, she been travelling and co-leading yoga teacher training, creating women’s gatherings and tantric ceremonial events and courses.

Amanda offer mentorship programs for men, women and couples. She assist them to establish a consistent yogic and tantric practice and lifestyle. She offer workshops and courses in Stockholm.

Jonas is a contemporary mystic. Often referred to as avant-garde in his continual exploration and creation in the frontier of mysticism, embodiment and group fields. He has been richly educated in bodywork, tantra, meditation, facilitation and has led courses in these areas since 2016. Coming to this festival with his passion to create rooms where the very wide spectrum of being a human can blossom and thrive, which is also a very effective way to into deeper states of presence and connection


Embodiment of Life

Let a meditative state of being awaken life force within you. We explore how it is to just be with life itself and who we are when we let life move us. Through embodiment of different expressions and sensations, step fully into the present moment exploring connection with life through yourself and together with others throng movement, sounds and touch. Become a part of the whole, surrender into the dance of life.

Oxytocine Party

Embrace life's dance. Be a vessel for life within. Instead of traditional techniques, immerse in the present, touch from that place. Let generative listening guide our movements, bypassing the mind's striving.


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