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Amrit Forss


I’m a father, filmmaker, human connection enthusiast, garden romancer, skier, and a meditation facilitator with over 25 years of experience and studies of therapeutic approaches and meditation techniques, including Osho therapist trainings, a variety of mindfulness practices and more.

I have a deep curiosity and love for honest connection, expression, sincerity, transparency, vulnerability, and aim to create an environment where we can dive into a more honest expression of our humanity.


The Aum Meditation

AUM is a journey spanning 14 states of our human experience.
Explore the nuances of your emotions, from boundaries, playfulness, sensuality, tears, fears…

Honest expression dismantles the walls shielding our authenticity, paving the way for deeper connections to flourish.
It's is a physically and emotionally very intense process conducted in a social setting.
Prepare to sweat, so bring along an extra T-shirt, and stay hydrated with a water bottle.

Dynamic Meditation

This meditation is a intense and thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns and release bottled up emotions. Emotions that we easily suppress in our everyday politeness and keeps us from experiencing life more dynamic and honest.
We breathe, express, and come to a witnessing, a silence and peace that are hidden behind those walls.

It’s a ”fuck perfection” kind of meditation, designed to release your humanity out of the cage.

We do it blindfolded, by ourselves but in the same room.


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