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Cocreate the festivals with us!


Stockholm Tantra Festival is a living cocreation that involves a lot of people. Over the years we have grown an amazing crowd of engaged volunteers, coordinators, facilitators and other contributors that keeps coming back and are deeper engaged with the festival.

Every role is equally important and together we build a beautiful network of connection, cooperation and community-feeling.


A festival needs a lot of planning, preparations and maintenance both during the festivals and outside the actual festival dates.


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When joining us as a volunteer you contribute with your time instead of buying a ticket. Outside your shedule you enjoy the festival.


Our 7 Volunteer Teams:

- Entrance Team

- Room Team

- Transport Team

- Temple Team

- Deco Team

- Emotional Support Team

Would you love to volunteer?

Tell us a bit more about yourself by sending a mail to our amazing Volunteer Manager Stefan

Together we can reach more people to discover Tantra as an approach to a more meaningful life.


We are super grateful to every like, share, tagging, linking and interaction with our posts on Facebook and Instagram. If not connected with us already, here you find us:

- Like/follow our FB-page for latest updates


- Join the FB-group and invite your friends


INSTAGRAM #stockholmtantrafestival



Every volunteer team is led by a coordinator that keep an overview of working tasks, sets a shedule for the group and is the contact person for other teams and the festival management. 

If you are interrested in a coordinator role, let us know who you are! Connect with us.


A big part of the festival area is "The Middle Space" that serves both as a practical and a common space for everyone. This is an alive area during the whole festival weekend with food area, facilities, information hubs, water station and hang out spaces.


Here we have many possibilities to create creative and beautiful spaces for activities or other offerings outside the festival shedule. Connect with us if you want to:

- Build a interactive space

- Sell products

- Offer your services

- Show your artworks


We have different sizes of spaces for different deals. Connect with us

Yes, I want to be part of the Exhibitor Team!

We stand for the arena - you are the stars of content. Stockholm Tantra Festival provides international and local teachers within tantra, yoga and holistic personal development to promote their work by sharing some tasters and give participants the opportunity to feel the essence of their teachings. Many get their customer base to retreats and courses through their promotion work at festivals.

We also have a rich network of DJ:s, and musicians connected to us. We are always open for input and to gather high quality performers of any kind.

The festival program always fills up fast. The Program Managers job is to arrange a good balance of all the offerings that is given.


We gather all new interest to give workshops and offerings at our festivals through this Registration of Interest, into our database.

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