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Fabian Tanz


Fabian Tanz is a dancer who passionately believes that movement breathes life into our existence. Guided by the wisdom of yoga, the fellowship of men's work and the trance of music & dance, he has embarked on a journey of sharing his insights and knowledge to others.


Fabian is most known as a DJ and one of Stockholm’s most beloved ecstatic dance facilitators, but he is also a cherished yoga teacher and highly valued in men’s work. His mantra, "Dress comfortable, be vulnerable," encapsulates his inviting approach to life and his classes alike.


This year at the Tantra Festival, Fabian extends a warm invitation to explore and connect through his workshops: "Begin Together," an introductory tantra party to welcome you to the festival on Friday, and "The Intentional Man," an exploration of manliness and masculinity on Sunday. Join him for a journey of discovery, movement, and heartfelt connection.


The Intentional Man

In 'The Intentional Man' workshop, we harness the power of intention to craft a path toward the man you aspire to be. We create a safe space for you to connect with yourself and engage with others, fostering the courage to own and share your longings as a man. Fabian guides you through breathwork, yoga, movement, and dialogue. This workshop welcomes all men eager to explore men's work, both curious newcomers and veterans.

Begin Together A Tantra Party

As the festival's first evening unfolds, you might find yourself caught between confusion, curiosity, and excitement. Why not round off the night and kickstart the festival with a welcoming party? In this workshop, we'll journey through various tantra activities to tune into ourselves, get a taste of what tantra offers, and possibly connect with others. Fabian will guide you to engage your body fully, ensuring you dive into the festival vibe and end the night on a high note.


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