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Gary Fabbri



Gary Fabbri is an Artist, Writer and Storyteller who sees personal growth as the way to open your heart to inner knowledge.. He specializes in breath work, bio-energetics. His workshops and talks explore the dance between inner vision and divine creativity. He believes in ‘doing the work’ and is dedicated to raising consciousness, transforming lives and celebrating success along the way.

He teaches yogic philosophy, spirituality & breathwork. And uses music and art as doorways to the self.


His passion is to combine creativity & spirituality to catalyze personal and professional growth. He use creative tools, music. ART, breathing and yoga to help you access your own strengths and turn them into meaningful action, whether you need healing or to propel yourself to a more fulfilling life. He guides YOU to develop and manifest your INNER VISION, what you truly want from life, at a healthy and rapid pace. Kindness and helping you to find your own ‘super-power’ & inner strength are at the core of his work and art.

Gary has BAs in Psychology and Literature as well as an MA, English Literature and an MBA with a focus on organizational behavior. He is a certified Yoga Therapist and co-owner at Urban OM, Stockholm.


Welcome to visit Garys own little Art Oasis in the Middle Space during the festival.


Introduce the Inner Divine - Introduction to Tantra

Introduce the Inner Divine - is a space to share your inner feminine and masculine and to allow them to shine. We are an interplay of different energies and this workshop explores who we can express the multiple colors within us.

Satsang - Dance with the Divine

Explorie and ask questions about the divine Shiva and Shakti energies within.


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