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Ida Lykkegaard Wiesneck


Ida is based in the north of Denmark where her life is close to the beach, where she brings people together in love, laughter and safety.


As a sexoligist, couples therapist, cacaoguide, soundpractitioner and dance teacher, she´s worked in the field for years, of guiding people into finding their heart, connecting with the feeling of safety in their bodies and their own ability of guidance. Her mission in life is to support others into connecting with the depth and pureness of their heart, their expansion, growth and sensuality.


She´s deeply passionate about sharing and creating her knowledge into embodied emotions, that gives people the possibility to expand within themselves, and to inspire others into the diversity of going from wild and raw, to tender and soft.


Her medicine to you is laughter, joy, tenderness and safety, and the ability to connect with your heart, your body, juiciness and rawness. You can meet her in the workshops: “Sacred Sisterhood” & “Embodied Confidance”.


Embodied ConfiDance

This workshop is about movement and dance that creates embodied sensuality and the way we can meet our own confidence, sensuality and softness/or power. The body is a perfect tool for activating what has been forgotten or what needs to be remembered, so we can reconnect, let go and get out of our head and back into our holy body. The body never lies, so what happens when we witness and embody our confidence? What happens when we witness eachother with love and movement?

Sacred Sisterhood

We connect with ancient traditions between women to create safety and sacred sisterhood. Surrender into the nurturing and healing energy of a sisterhood, to awaken your heart and your spaciousness, and to heal deep wounds.
A workshop where i invite you to bring ALL you are. Dare to be too much, and to be witness by your supportive sisters.
We move energy from our rootchakra to our heart, in joy, tenderness, tears, power, unapologetic rawness and loudness.


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