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Irene Andersson


Irene Andersson brings over 25 years of experience as a qigong teacher, workshop leader, and body coach, exploring various bodywork and methods. Her expertise lies in Taoist sexual practice, particularly focusing on the pelvic floor and sexual health within the Taoist framework.


By integrating Western scientific research with the wisdom of Eastern traditions, Irene offers a holistic approach to understanding the body and its erotic potential. Passionate about sharing her knowledge, Irene emphasizes that the source of both health and pleasure resides within each individual.


She has gathered her insights into two enlightening books: "Kvinnans Tao" and "Mannens Tao", which serve as comprehensive introductions to sex according to Tao. These works have also been translated into English: "Create Health with Your Sexual Energy: The Tao Approach to Women's Well-Being" and "Create Health with Your Sexual Energy: The Tao Approach to Men's Well-Being”.


Anatomy & Erotic Zones

A lecture in exploring our anatomy and the potential for enhancing pleasure, blending Western research with Eastern traditions. Delve into topics such as ejaculation versus orgasm and discover keys to cultivating sexual energy. The wisdom of Taoism offers valuable insights, viewing the body as a crucial tool for personal development and self- awareness. The workshop includes theory and a taste of taoist qigong exercises and meditation. The source of both health and pleasure is within You!

Free your Pelvic Floor

A workout session designed to liberate your pelvic floor - Open up to the flow in the pelvic region and tap into a constant source of joy, power, and pleasure. You will soften and increase your awareness on the pelvic floor and its muscles. When you can relax in the pelvis you become more present in your life experience and more confident in yourself. We will open up the whole body and finish with meditation in silence.



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