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Isa Khalwati



Therapist & group leader. Mama, creator of LET GO and life long music mix maker. Writer, artist and space creator.


Passionate about supporting people to step out of the personality and find the courage to be real.


Isa holds a degree in psychology from the University of Stockholm as well as a degree from Swedish Academy for Psychotherapist Education (SAPU).


Part of creating Baravara and Urban OM. Leads groups at Baravara ( and workshops at Urban OM as well as giving private sessions.


Morning Let Go

This is a moving meditation where we start softly, awakening the senses, awakening your being. Building up to a peak, an expansion where your body is fully awake, alive, immersed and in a state of letting go.


In this dance meditation we allow everything yo fall away, dropping the persona, dropping the performance, dropping the preference, dropping it all. No expectations, no right or wrong, just the joy of moving your body to wild and enchanting music.

Meeting Your Needs

This workshop calls on your honesty and your willingness to be a responsible grown up. We often project our unmet needs on our partner, often even without expressing them, just hoping and wishing that they will know. This leads to disappointment and feelings of mistrust.


When we start seeing, meeting and taking responsibility for our own needs we can create a mature relationship of respect towards ourself and each other. We will explore what your needs might be & how you can take care of them.


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