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Jennie & Calle Rehbinder
Cirkus Eros


Jennie & Calle Rehbinder – pioneers, visionaries, leading Swedish sex educators and experts in love and intimacy, devoted to spreading sexual and spiritual inspiration.


We are artists, writers, ceremony leaders and tantra teachers. The idea is to integrate. We have created more than 400 love & sex workshops since 2003, erotic photo exhibits, a book with erotic short stories, as well as our most popular website – Cirkus Eros.


We are the opposite of dogmatic, and combine Indian Tantra and Western shamanism with modern science, psychology, theatre games, ecstatic ceremonies, wild play, sensual touch, humour, total madness and common sense. Great tools for changing your life into something better.


Our teaching is based on a vision of Love. We want to share this vision with you – if you want to expand your consciousness, heighten the quality of your life, maximize your pleasure and happiness, and deepen your spirituality.


Playful Tantra for Couples

An introductory workshop for couples on Love, Sex, Intimacy & Tantra – a playful and inspiring way to have more love, sex, freedom, presence, pleasure, life, desire, lust, playfulness and joy in your life. We offer you and your partner a way to delve into your relationship, to make a new discovery of what made you fall in love with each other from the start, and to find new reasons to fall in love again.

The Art of Saying No! - with Calle Rehbinder

This workshop presents a very powerful method to feel in to your YES, as well as your NO, and how to be clear with your boundries, as well as other people's boundries. The basis for all consent is to know your limits and boundries, as well as feeling into the boundries of others. This is a great method to practice how to do all that – claim your space, and respect the space of others.



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