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Joseph Wallin


"When we give ourselves the permission to sound what we feel - we heal."
Devoted to Music for 20 years Joseph's most valuable skill is his ability to listen deeply. His research in the body and the sounds that we make has taken him on a journey to understand the voice as a tool for healing. His big vision is to facilitate the reclamation of the voices of the people through workshops, bodywork & his connection to Music.

Music speaks to us. She asks us to be part of her co-creation. She wants us to come closer, to be with her. Dance, sing, play and fully listen to what is going on in this moment.

This is the message Joseph has been given & this is the mission he is on. To share the beauty of being in deep connection with Music. Learn to reconnect to this vast being of non-ending inspiration and creativity. Allow yourself to be guided by Music in to the depths of your own sacred expression.

Joseph has been diving deep into Music for more than 20 years. Transitioning from playing on stage into drum circles and the last years he has been dedicating his life to vocal activations. Helping people to get in touch with their real voice. The one that is filled with life force, the voice that wakes others up when they hear it, the voice that tells the truth. He combines his spiritual knowledge together with his intuitive feel of Music to guide people into their true vocal expression.


Vocal Activation

"A room in full awareness of the sound is a room fully connected"
Let's connect deeply to each other true the practices of Music, drums & voice, and touch. Be guided to activate your voice through simple but yet powerful breathing patterns, Choose to either play a drum or hold someone as they're exploring their voice. The journey will be facilitated and you need no prior experience to participate. What is needed is a willingness to be with the subtle energies that are moving.


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