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Ace Lars Eriksson


Ace wants to support people for them to experience their fullest potential. To help them discover the depth and beauty of their body, mind, and emotions.


A near-to-death experience that led him into sobriety from alcohol. He wanted to give something back to whatever saved his life and that was not to distract himself from life. Tantra helped him connect more deeply with others and kick-started his spiritual path. This journey led him to evolve into openness and to head out on a heroes journey.

Minimalism, tantra, vipassana, and other healing practices took him to work on himself through therapy and bodywork. On his journey, he has gone through a different kind of training. Reiki, Deamouring, Tantra massage, and Thai massage. 

Ace found his true calling in the work with the fascia and is a certified MER (Myofascial Energetic Release) bodyworker. The work that he does is very grounding and brings people back to their bodies so that they can start feeling and sensing themselves again. With the tools of tantra and mainly the polarity of the masculine and feminine, he brings this important dynamic into his work and to his workshops. He will give you some tools on how to hold space for your partner. How a present touch is so important when you give, and how surrender is the key to receive.


Heart Connected Touch

This workshop is for those who want to know more about the biggest sensory organ in our bodies - The Fascia System. How you can come in contact with your physical body and how that is connected to your emotional and energy body.

You will get to learn basic strokes that you will practice together in pairs. Bring a partner. Learn what bodywork is and how you can bring this into your life by serving someone with a loving and a present touch.


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