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Lin Holmquist


I started my spiritual journey with the primordial shamanism of the north. My path continued in India with studies of classic yoga & tantra and later the crazy wisdom schools of neotantra, NLP and therapy. I weave modern psychology and science with traditional tantric and yogic practices and I am known for gracefully bridging the material and spiritual world.


After a powerful and life changing kundalini awakening in 2011 I choose to follow my inner truth and my passion is to see people's awakening process and to guide them through these intense experiences.


Today I work as a tantra therapist with pleasure as a healing method and I facilitate tantra groups and trainings all over the globe.


Energetic Boundaries

Are YOU curious of tantric energies? In this workshop you'll get to explore your energy field, transmission of energy and kundalini. Discover where your boundaries are and what is pleasurable to you on an energetic level. Also... a great introduction to Energetic Sex.

Electric Love

Come with a partner or a friend to explore kundalini energy and how to move it trough both of you to increase the polarity between you, feel more arousal and to connect to source.

Gentle Integration

Bring home insights, connection, self love and gentleness after the festival. Come and connect to your own truth and be held, heard and touched.


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