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Linnéa Claeson - Twig


She’s been called the queen of contrasts. With rainbow colored hair she’s been to war zones as a Human rights activist, worked in court as a Lawyer, and won two  world championships as professional handball player.


She has gathered her learnings from these quite extreme experiences and turned them in to tools, ideas and suggestions about courage, love, sex, boundaries, connecting to magic and turning darkness into determination.


From Darkness to Determination

Death. Darkness. Madness. Murder. Anger. Vengeance. Sorrow. Sacrifice.

Many of us fear our own darkness. We deny it, ignore it and run away from it. In this hour we will do exact opposite. We will go straight towards it, face it head on and learn how not to be destroyed by it – but instead thrive from it.

We will find that place in you where it just feels like chaos and explosion – and turn that energy in to a laser beam of determination.

Come Closer

What happens when you don’t follow your heart? What happens when you step over your own boundaries? And why do we do it?

In this time together we will explore how to both ask for what we want and find ways to respect your own no’s.


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