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Lisa Lo & Tobias Bladini


Lisa Lo and Tobias Bladini are the founders of Mëlt, a growing community of people who love grounded intimacy and personal growth.

Lisa is an intimacy coach, a trained dancer, and a choreographer with 17 years of experience in teaching somatics and dance. She guides people into a state of flow and helps them get in touch with both their most subtle sensations and wild power. In the field of intimacy, she has studied methods such as the Wheel of Consent, Ritual Play, Urban Tantra, Erotic blueprint, and tantric self-practices. She also studies trauma healing.

Tobias loves to create a space for deep intimate meetings, ecstatic flow in the presence, and playful rituals. He started his career as a tantra teacher back in 2009. Since then he has been holding courses in intimacy and integrity and tantra. Tobias is a certified sexsibility coach and communicologist. He has studied methods in the field of tantra, consent, communication, somatics, and trauma healing.


Mëlt Journey –4 flavours of intimacy

Join the fun, with hot exercises, juicy demonstrations, and a safe space for everyone. This is a chance to have playful meetings with many people. You’ll explore different tools and techniques to discover what creates the most turn-on for you, and what makes your partner vibrate with lust – according to how each of you is wired to receive pleasure. We’ll end with a lucious touch journey where you’ll dive deep into your favorite flavors. Come by yourself, with a partner or someone you just met.

Mëlt into lust - with Lisa Lo

You're invited to mëlt – Allowing the energy that comes naturally when we just relax and let go. Welcoming your sensuality and sexuality, regardless of how it expresses itself – subtle or wild, still or playful. We start with ourselves in grounding exercises, then we meet our sisters – in both shorter meetings and a beautiful group exercise. Through movement, touch, and breath, this workshop awakens your senses, releases your creativity, and helps your sexual energy to move freely.


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