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Martina Hallin -
Festival Hostess


Martina is Stockholm Tantra Festival's Festival Hostess – She will lead the Grand Opening, Saturday Evening Party Gathering and Ending Meeting on Sunday evening.

As an Existential Coach, Martina Hallin supports people in exploring their way of living and relating. Her belief in death being vital to a life well lived, has led to her training to become an End of Life Doula.

She is a well-known political activist and member of the board of RFSU Stockholm, advocating a society supporting us in creating free, equal and consenting relationships. She facilitates individuals, couples, groups, and holds retreats focusing on exploring relationships. She explains her engagement in saying:

- I want to carry the torch of RFSU’s founder Elise Ottesen Jensen's vision where sexuality is an expression of “intimacy, joy and tenderness", and I stand by our mission for a society where all are free “to be, to choose, and to take pleasure".

Martina shines a light on norms and narratives imprinted upon us, and shows how we can make more conscious choices. All from a grounded existential standpoint, with a modern LBTQIA+inclusive, sex-positive and educational evidence-based take.


Existential Circle

In this intimate circle we create a safe space for you to be with yourself and connect with what is moving within you, at this very moment. One question is chosen by the group, and someone (you?) will be guided into a deeper inquiry of your personal question.


Martina Hallin is coaching and facilitating, and guiding us by pointing out existential themes transcending the field of religion, belief systems and cultural conditioning. We meet in the field of what it is to be human, regardless.

Courageous Relating

Relating to yourself, others, life - and death! Norms & narratives. Relationship styles & sexualities.



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