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Mia Lehndal

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Mia Lehndal has been dedicated to the yogic and tantric path for over 20 years. She has been coaching and training leaders in embodied and conscious leadership since 15 years and one of her specialties is to bring spiritual wisdom into the ”ordinary world” where it is so much longed for.

As a yoga and tantra facilitator she guides you into the essence of your own nature where the most precious treasures are lingering. With devotion to self-discovery & inner leadership she also supports you in bringing your gifts out in the world. Mia is welcoming you who are willing to feel into the treasures of who and what we are in our depth as human beings.

Mia has an academic background in Communications, Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Yoga & Tantrayoga Teacher, Non Duality Tantra Facilitator and much more. She is also the author of two books and the Founder of Body Love Yoga & Meditation School & the Coach- & Leadership training Modigt Ledarskap (Courageous Leadership).


Tantric Meditation

The heart of Tantra is meditation. Neither mind nor sexuality need to repressed during meditation. In this workshop you will learn how to befriend your mind, body and sexuality as having the functions that they are meant to have in your life so that they contribute to your meditative experience and your life experience rather than creating problems. We will explore the healing, nourishing and liberating possibilities presented by allowing sexual energy within the context of meditation.

Slow Tantric Speed Dating

Take your time to feel yourself first, then you might want to open up to others, on your own terms. Looking, touching, moving, giving, receiving, dancing. Allowing for our minds to relax and become intimate with our bodies so that we can feel our way to what we appreciate rather than think about it. Take this rare opportunity to meet without words and feel the essence of yourself and others. Talking will be allowed only within the instructions, the rest is done in silence.



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