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Richard Kay


My name is Richard, I was born in Ghana, raised and educated in Italy.
I am wellness and holistic coach with a deep connection to tantric practices.

I spent many years of my life at the mercy of my childhood traumas, scared, unhappy and always looking for something that could fill the void I felt inside.

This suffering led me to embark on a long personal journey of acceptance, growth and rebirth, which I did by relying on psychologists and counselors who accompanied me on a journey of healing and awareness. I subsequently discovered and embarked on the spiritual path of Buddhism which still continues to nourish my soul.

My mission with CREPA is to help you enhance yourself by achieving a new awareness about your scars. In a time where it is easier to throw away than to repair, and what is "old" or "broken" to be discarded, CREPA wants to help you rebuild your broken parts and re-discover the beauty in them.


Danza Cosmica

Danza Cosmica is a form of active meditation in which you learn to manage your emotional bounderies and that of others through music and dance. You move freely in search of harmony between mind and body. It is ideal for those who want to gradually approach meditative practices or for those who usually have difficulty sitting still or relaxing. It can help you bring consciousness to your day-to-day life activities such as working, eating, drinking or walking.



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