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Roshi Derakshan

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Roshi is a lic. psychotherapist and cert. breathwork fascilitator. She works with the whole person with a trauma-informed holistic perspective and psychedelic integration. Roshi offers 1:1 therapy, workshops, trainings and group breathwork sessions where she highlights the importance of the breath and the nervous system for better health, personal development and well-being.


Somatic Breathwork

Welcome to Somatic Breathwork™

Somatic Breathwork™ is a full embodiment experience designed to help you release stress, trauma, emotions and built up energy from the body. It’s a modality that utilizes your own breath to help you shed the layers of yourself that no longer serve you.We will use circular breathing patterns to tap into your body’s inner intelligence and nervous system, to create a bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. Connecting the breath with immersive music may result in different forms of releases such as laughing, moving, crying, yelling and shaking. All forms of expressions are encouraged because it helps the body move stuck energy and create space for the second, calmer half of the session.

In this session we will explore the depth and potential that our breath carries. The way we breathe not only affects our physical health, but also the mental, emotional, spiritual well-being and personal growth. When we clear out the stuck emotions, we have more space to grow and live in full alignment with our body, mind and spirit.

* Not suitable for pregnancies, epilepsy, heart problems *



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