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Steve Kokker


Steve has made various bodywork modalities and conscious touch the guiding lights of his life for the past 25 years. He incorporates many modalities of massage, shamanism and meditation into his practice.


His studies of meditative tea ceremonies in Asia since 2010 have sharpened a sensitivity to the body’s subtle details. Most of all, he wishes to provide a space for people to open into and discover themselves in. He also leads conscious touch, deep listening workshops.


Steve was born in Montreal but has been living in his ancestral homeland of Estonia for many years. In Tallinn, he runs a specialised teashop, Chado, and has his own bodywork studio there.


Conscious Touch Massage For Couples

We will step towards a re-framing of what kind of gift a touch can be - for giver and receiver - when deeper presence is added. The workshop is about 40% sharing of concepts, 60% practical and interactive as we refine our sensitivites and intentions while reaching out to another. It can be difficult to keep steady focus while in tinimate touch, let's learn how in a playful, respectful atmosphere. Please arrive in a pair with another human, and in lose, comfy clothing.

Brotherly Touch

Usually men arrive to this workshop nervous and leave smiling like puppies. They learn that there is nothing to fear and everything to gain from being in comfortable, safe, non-threatening non-sexual physical intimacy with other men. For some, this is about healing wounds of mistrust, for others a way to expand their range of intimacy in general. For all, it is about human connection. The workshop is mainly interactive with plenty of room to breathe and share. It is also a playful space.

Integrative Tea Ceremony

It is said that Zen and Tea have one and the same flavour. That is because the tea plant has properties which create a state of inner Zen in the body - calm alertness. Here, in a mostly silent, meditative space you can let a powerful, aged tea help you integrate elements bubbling around in your subconscious. A beautiful way to surrender to Great Nature both within and outside of us.


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