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Sunny Ju

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Sunny is an expert Embodiment Educator, Pleasure Activist, founder of ‘Dearmouring Trainings’ and the creator of ‘The Melting Method’, a unique approach to Dearmouring that works gently, allowing for a natural melting of armour.

With over 20 years in trauma-informed Body, Breath, and Energywork, and having served thousands of clients, she leads individuals and groups through profound healing processes, allowing them to break free from trauma and societal conditioning; opening up the body to find inner alignment, pleasure and say yes to life.

A certified Trauma- and Hypnotherapist, she emphasises an integrated approach to physical and emotional well-being, deeply listening to the body as the missing key to soul-satisfying relationships, mind-altering sεx, and heart-felt happiness.

Sunny’s unique method of teaching combines both precision and depth with an intuitive curiosity that allows her students to be both transformed while the nervous system is deeply nourished. Her facilitation is attuned to what is emerging in the field as a group nervous system.



The Juicyness of Sacred Anger

What is your relationship with anger? Does it make you feel sad, unsafe, shut down or even depressed? Or are you constantly on the go, simmering like a boiling pot ready to explode?

The issue lies not with anger itself, but rather with our unaware and disconnected way of relating to anger.

Do you dare to feel and own your anger and transform it into aliveness?

In this powerful group container we create the space to free ourselves from shame and rewrite the inner script of anger.


Energy Activation Breathwork

Rhythmical breathing to euphoric music while guided with specific instructions can induce a state of self hypnosis, awaken dormant powers of the mind, supercharging and purifying your blood and nervous system for more energy, vitality and increasing your magnetic power of attraction.

Join us for a unique & dynamic journey to create ecstatic states in your body & mind while relieving stress and activating your life force energy.



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