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Dance into Your Lust

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Dance into Your Lust


About the course

Lust can mean desire, sensuality, thirst, or eroticism, but in Swedish and German also simple daily pleasures. Whatever you are longing for we need to practice how to step into it. All aspects of our sexuality lives within us.
In this workshop you are invited to deeply feel the essence of your own body as well as connecting with others. When sharing our vulnerability and desires we move together as if we were in the same room. The rhythm of your hips will stay with you all night; when you learn how to make love to yourself there is no turning back…

Come on time, the zoom room will close 15 minutes after start. Make sure you have a private space, we will keep our cameras on and get ready to move! Come only if you are ready to participate.

Dance into Your Lust is a movement practice and personal development tool developed by Li Storm that carries aspects of Southern African traditions, Dance Therapy, Tantra and Conscious kink. Li is one of few workshops leaders that makes you want to hang out in the zoom room after the end.

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