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Ritual Play

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Ritual Play


About the course

Ritual Play is an intimate relational practice. The primary mover in Ritual Play - whether solo or with other humans - is attuned to by turning one’s attention to an ever-present undercurrent of felt sense experience. It is like this non-verbal undercurrent has its own self-regulating intelligence. Where does this felt sense current flow next? What nudges my attention next? How does it appear next - as a movement impulse? as an emotion? as a pause? as a temperature change in the body? as muscle tension? as relaxation? as tears? as laughter? as shivers? as turn on? as an impulse to be sitting, lying or standing?

a) undisturbed space
b) defined space on the floor about 2x2 meters (for example two yoga mats together)
c) without headphones so you can move freely and hear guidance. Or if you have wireless headphones
d) timer (you can use your mobile phone for this)
e) a portable hand mirror
f) this is a camera-on workshop

You will do exercises together with others in breakout rooms, or you can do it with your partner at home. If you have special requests on whom you want to be with in the breakout room, it is possible to team up with a partner in advance. If you have found someone you can fill in your names in this form:

Otherwise we will put you together with any other participant. No requests are handled after the workshop begins. If you have a partner at home you don’t need to fill the form.

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