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Tantra in intentional communities

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Tantra in intentional communities


About the course

This interactive talk will give a descriptive overview of how several intentional communities in the world deal with love, eros, sexuality and tantra. We will also look at the power of community, and the phenomenon that occurs in the universe when a group with intention on healing forms and models what they are doing for the planet.
Some communities place an emphasis on the relational element happening between members of the community and guests; some ignore the fact that we wish to have contact with each other and let it play out at will. What is the answer to unique questions such as:
How do you deal with conflict between people, especially when the conflicts or issues are of a personal nature?
Which types of communication are used? Which ways of communicating are effective and why?
Is tantra taught or practiced in communities and how can we replicate success when we live outside of a contained community?

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