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Tantric Yoga – ​2 Paths, One Purpose

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Tantric Yoga – ​2 Paths, One Purpose


About the course

Satyama will lead you through a unique and authentic hatha yoga practice with the 5 elements of tantric yoga, meditation, and also a short ritual. Intentional movement couples with stillness in both energy and consciousness is upwards, meaning, sublimation works is included in the practice in the form of uddiyana bandha and also inverted asana Take yourself from a place of “wanting” to orgasmic contentment through this practice, which will refine itself through self-discipline, experience, and your presence on the mat.
In tantric yoga, we aim to prepare the body and mind for openness. The mind also needs to be clear for presence in each changing moment. The intention is stated within the person or group and naturally manifests when the people (you) who walk the path of tantra and yoga together unify in a resonating state of consciousness that connects us to nature and oneness.
Feel the effects of this practice for hours after its completion. Observe what happens on and off the mat.

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