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Unfold your lust

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Unfold your lust


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Do you want your love life to have more affection, attraction, juice and deep intimacy? This workshop is for you who want to know how to seduce your lover, again and again and again. All while experiencing your own deepest longings fulfilled as well.

During the workshop you will explore 5 different intimacy styles called the Erotic Blueprints. You will learn what creates the most turn on for you and how to tap into your lover’s juice and arousal, according to how each of you are wired to receive pleasure. Throughout the workshop you will explore different tools and techniques to discover what matches you and your partners specific intimacy styles.
You will do exercises together with others in breakout rooms, or you can do it with your partner at home.

Welcome to join us for these intimate eye opening exercises that are designed to create win-win pleasure and play

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